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Jean-Christophe is one of the many Research Scientists and Nutritionist working at Purina. Jean-Christophe works mainly on the PRO PLAN® range, specialising in the OPTISTART®  formula for puppies, and working closely with breeders and owners to ensure the product is of the highest quality

OPTI START® For puppies

Formulated with Colostrum, rich in natural antibodies and found in mothers’ first milk, proven* to enhance immune response and help reinforce the protection his mother gave him. It also balances good and bad bacteria in the puppy’s gut to help him resist common puppy upsets


All PRO PLAN® Puppy formulas contain OPTISTART® which is proven* to enhance immune response and help bridge the ‘immunity gap’.

Just like human babies, puppies have very specific nutritional requirements in this very critical stage in their life.

The first 5 months are a crucial time in the development of your puppy’s immune system. During the first weeks of his life, your puppy receives antibodies from his mother’s milk that protect him from infection, but the level of these antibodies drops as he starts to wean and his own immune system starts to build..

His own immune system produces antibodies only in small amounts to start with, producing progressively larger quantities over time. but between weaning and full immune-system maturity, your puppy is in what is referred to as the “immunity gap”.

This ‘immunity gap’ can last until up to 5 months old age, and may make him more vulnerable to infections and digestive upsets. To help him during this period, Purina nutritionists and veterinarians have developed OPTI START® for the PRO PLAN® Puppy range.

OPTI START, found in all PRO PLAN® Puppy formulas, contains colostrum, a special ingredient that is rich in natural antibodies and proven to strengthen and stimulate the immune system, helping to reinforce and build his natural defences. In addition, OPTI START® also supports his digestive system by promoting a better balance between the “good” and “bad” bacteria in his intestine. This balance provides great benefits by not only helping him absorb the nutrients in his food, gain weight and thrive, but also by helping to reduce the risk of infection and diarrhoea.

* Ishikawa H, Tabuchi H and Ohashi E (1998), Changes in the Serum immunoglobulin concentrations in puppies. J Vet Med Japan 51: 801 – 805

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