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Karine is a Senior Technical Project Leader at Purina with over 15 years experience in pet nutrition. Most recently Karine was instrumental in the development of PRO PLAN® Senior 7+ with ANTI AGE™.

ANTI AGE™ For senior dogs

Contains an exclusive blend of nutrients** that help support alertness and mental sharpness, encouraging a stronger bond between you and your dog.
**Patent pending.


In dogs as in humans, brain cells rely on a constant supply of glucose to fuel their proper function. But, by approximately 7 years of age (which is the age where experts consider dogs are entering their senior years*), dogs’ brain cells start to lose their capacity to use glucose as a source of energy.
As a result, dogs’ brains gradually become slower and less alert as they age.
The solution is to provide the brain with an alternative source of energy, and our team of dedicated vets and nutritionists have developed ANTI AGE™, a breakthrough, innovative blend of nutrients consisting of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

MCTs are special dietary fats that are found in some vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, and are unique in that they can easily be converted into energy that can be used by the aging brain,  providing the fuel it needs to maintain good brain function.
This revolutionary nutritional innovation has now been incorporated into PRO PLAN® Senior Original 7+, the only senior dog diet on the market formulated with a patented** blend of nutrients containing MCTs.

To learn more about your dog’s needs as he ages, and read tips on how to exercise the canine brain, pick up our leaflet, “PURINA PRO PLAN® Guide to Caring for your Senior Dog”, free of charge from your specialist pet store or vet clinic.

*Veterinary experts and canine nutritionists consider that most dogs start to enter their senior years by 7 years of age. Large breed dogs (>25kg) are considered senior slightly earlier at 6 years of age.
** patent pending

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