Light Original Chicken with Rice

  • PRO PLAN® Adult Light Chicken with Rice

    It is a complete pet food for dogs with a tendency to be overweight.

    Product Information

    Light Original is specifically formulated for adult dogs that are prone to weight gain and helps overweight dogs lose weight. Being overweight adds extra workload to your dog’s heart and also places additional mechanical stress on his joints. As well as containing specific levels of proteins and fats to promote effective weight loss, this diet has been specially developed with carefully chosen nutrients to support heart function and healthy joints.

    Proven* 8% loss in body weight in just 6 weeks.**

    *Results of a weight management programme on 15 overweight dogs of varying breeds fed PRO PLAN® LIGHT and given a 30 minute daily walk (Nestlé Purina PetCare PTC, 2008).
    ** for a 30 kg dog that means losing 2.5 kg.


      High protein, low fat formula: 45% less fat on average, than PRO PLAN® Adult formulas. Proven to help reduce body weight by 8% in just 6 weeks while maintaining lean body mass (for a 30kg dog that means losing 2.5kg).


      Helps encourage the mobility of overweight dogs thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of long chain omega 3 fatty acids on the joints. Reduces heart stress while walking and at rest, as proven by a heart rate reduction of 17% after 6 weeks of feeding, together with a daily walk.


      High protein content, complex carbohydrates and adequate levels of fibre to help promote a sense of fullness.

  • Feeding Guide

    If your dog is already somewhat over ideal weight, you can help him achieve a safe rate of weight loss by following these guidelines. Use the column on the left if your dog needs to lose some weight. For overweight dogs, adjust as needed to achieve a rate of weight loss of about 2% to 4% of his body weight per month.
    Be sure to eliminate table scraps and treat your dog if needed with PRO PLAN® Light biscuits by reducing the main meal quantity accordingly.

    Available in: 3kg, 7.5kg and 14kg

    Daily Feeding Recommendation (g/day)

    Adult Weight (kg) For weight loss (g/day) For maintenance (g/day)
    1-5 30-90 40-120
    5-10 90-145 120-195
    10-25 145-275 195-365
    25-35 275-340 365-450
    35-45 340-400 450-535
    45-70 400-555 535-740



    Chicken (14%), Maize gluten meal, Maize, Wheat, Dehydrated poultry protein, Dried beet pulp, Maize grits, Rice (7%), Fish oil, Minerals, Animal fat, Digest.


    Nutritional additives: IU/kg : Vit A : 32 110 ; Vit D3 : 1 050 ; Vit E : 650 mg/kg : Vit C : 250 ; Ferrous sulphate monohydrate : 220 ; Calcium iodate anhydrous : 3.5 ; Cupric sulphate pentahydrate : 55 ; Manganous sulphate monohydrate : 55 ; Zinc sulphate monohydrate : 460 ; Sodium selenite : 0.32

    Technological additives: mg/kg: Tocopherol rich extracts of natural origin: 5

    Analytical constituents

    Protein: 27.0 %
    Fat content:  9.0 %
    Crude ash:  6.0 %
    Crude fibres:  3.0 %
    Omega 3 Fatty Acids:  0.5 %

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