A balanced intestinal microflora is essential for optimal digestive health. And, just as in humans, the digestive tract of healthy dogs contains billions of bacteria, both ‘good’ (those that are beneficial) and ‘bad’. Since the bacteria living in dogs’ intestines play a key role in maintaining dogs’ health, our expert team of veterinarians and nutritionists have extensively researched intestinal health and how nutrition can support the balance of intestinal microflora.

PRO BIFIDUS is a natural source of prebiotics, special fibres proven to stimulate the growth of “good” bacteria, such as bifidobacteria, in the intestine, thus encouraging a healthier digestive tract and promoting the overall health of dogs.

Most PRO PLAN® Adult diets (Adult Small Original, Adult Original, Adult Digestion, Adult Large Robust, Adult Large Athletic) contain PRO BIFIDUS.

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